Linguistic Analyzer

Python / Flask / AWS

Linguistic Analyzer_

Natural language processing application that evaluates the effectiveness of language in medical device documentation. My self and a partner used Python and the Flask microframework to create an application that uploads large PDFs, identifies key literary words and phrases within them and gives a score from 0-100 indicating how likely the product described in the technical document adheres to the regulations put forth in a standards-defining document. We provide charts and graphs of various phrases in common and not, in order that writers can have an idea of what they need to update in their document. 

Microlang Compiler

C# / Compiler Theory / x86 Assembly

Micro-Language Compiler_

Micro-Language to x86 Assembly Compiler which translates a given LL(1) grammar into assembly by running code through a recursive descent parser to identify symbols. Supports addition, subtraction, multiplcation, division, and variable assignment and usage. Propagates errors back to the user. 

Worldpay CRM

C# / MVC / API

Worldpay CRM_

Re-engineering an outdated CRM system for one the world's largest payment processing companies. Includes front-end and backend improvements, as well as new API endpoints with which prospective vendors can test out Worldpay's payment platform.